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Never be without a charger for your precious devices, always have mobile power in your pocket, and protect your valuable card from RFID scanning thiefs. Use the USB drive to store important information offline and listen to music unhindered with the wireless earbuds. Logo recognition with every charge.

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What's Inside


Wireless Earbuds with Case

Why we chose it: Hands-free is helpful and these are small enough to be carried daily in a bag, plus the case gives it protection. The rechargeable battery provides up to 1.3 hours of nonstop music at max volume with built in music control and mic.

• Available in 4 colors

• Charging cable included

• Comes in a plastic case

• Logo: Print


3-in-1 Charging Cable

Why we chose it: So we don't have to carry around 3 separate bulky chargers! It comes in a convenient case with a multi USB cable that includes a USB Type C tip, a Micro USB tip, and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices with 1A current. You can easily charge all your devices and allow friends or coworkers to borrow it when they forget theirs. You'll be the office hero.

• Available in 4 colors

• Cable Length: 5.5 inches

• Logo: Multi-Color Print



2,200 mAh Power Bank

Why we chose it: We had enough of running out of battery while waiting for an appointment, long bus or train commute, and not being able to pass time on our devices. Who enjoys just staring at the wall?

• Available in 5 colors

• Logo: Engraved


RFID Blocker Card Pouch

Why we chose it: With all the new techniques scammers are using, we can safely keep our credit cards safe from RFID scanners while commuting or in public crowds where it's easy to become a victim.

• Available in 2 colors

• Logo: Print


8GB Rotate Black Clip Flash Drive

Why we chose it: We still find grave situations when we need a reliable USB like giving a presentation without WiFi access or having the right connection cables and you have to use someone else's laptop to connect to the projector. Or quickly transfer large files that avoid email or slower online third party services.

• Available in 14 colors

• Logo: Engraved

free sticker

Free Stickers!

Why we chose it: Free Stickers... who's complaining?! We love the matte sheen on these and the size is big enough to be noticed and admired, but not obnoxious and annoying.

• Circle or Square

• 3"