Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

The goal of this page is to give you a guide on the best file to upload during order placement so the printing of your logo will be the best possible.



BEST: Vector File (AI or EPS)

These vector files are perfect because we can extract the logo correctly and scale it without losing it's crispy edges. Please note that if you place a jpeg or png into a vector file, it doesn't make it a vector image. Sometimes a PDF is a vector file.


You may send us a vector logo with multiple colors and we'll figure out the best way to condense it to a 1-color print while maintaining integrity. We're designers so we'll take good care of it!



We'll Make Do: Raster File (JPEG or PNG)

These raster files can get pixelated and fuzzy if it's low resolution, so an ideal resolution might be 800 pixels (length or width) or larger. Sometimes if the resolution is high enough we can convert it to vector successfully. If it's all you have, we'll try to make it work but it might delay the digital mockups.



This video has a great explanation on Vector vs Raster that might answer some of your questions.


Have further questions? We're here to help! Ask us in the Live Chat at the bottom right of the browser or email us at